Mirsagatov Sh.A., Achilov A.S., Zaveryukhin B.N., et al. Influence of the back contact on the electrophysical and functional characteristics of thin-film CdTe Schottky barrier detector struct

To register nuclear radiation, thin-film CdTe Schottky barrier detector structures are developed. The structures are based on large-block p-CdTe films with resistivity ρ = 105 – 107 Ω⋅сm. The capacitance-voltage, current-voltage, amplitude, and noise characteristics of the structures are measured, and the mechanisms of charge carrier transfer are identified for different bias voltages. It is established that the functional characteristics of the detector structures are limited by the injection processes arising in the back Mo contact. It is found that the source of electron injection is the MoO3 compound localized between the film and the molybdenum substrate.