Technology and Innovation Support Center

TISC is an innovative structure, without the status of a legal entity, established on the basis of the Institute.

The TISC was established on the basis of:

- "A set of measures to strengthen the infrastructure of scientific research institutions and the development of innovative activities for the period 2017 - 2021 years", approved by the Annex № 1 to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-3365 of November 1, 2017;

- "Memorandum on the establishment of Centers for the Support of Technologies and Innovations in the Republic of Uzbekistan" between the Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Intellectual Property Organization on October 6, 2017;

- "Agreement on cooperation between the Coordination Center for the project" Establishment of TISC in the Republic of Uzbekistan " - State Unitary Enterprise" IP-CENTER " and the Physico-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan" No. 6 / TISC, dated February 20, 2018.

The TISC was established to increase the innovative potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan, by providing information and scientific and methodological support to users of TISC services in the field of intellectual property protection.

The objectives of the TISC are:

a) assistance in obtaining patents for inventions and utility models, including international patent protection under the PCT procedure;

b) promoting innovative development of the country through the effective use of scientific and technical information, including specialized databases in the field of intellectual property, by providing innovative entities and individual inventors with access to the patent and non-patent information resources of AIS and WIPO, as well as other information resources;

c) stimulation of the creation and effective use of the results of intellectual activity;

d) Promotion and popularization of innovative activities in the society through participation in the organization, preparation and conduct of scientific and practical conferences and training seminars on topical issues of theory and practice of legal protection and use of the results of intellectual activity and the dissemination of scientific, methodological and information materials on the basics of legal protection of objects intellectual property;

e) assisting in the transfer of technology for the purpose of further commercializing intellectual property objects, that have acquired legal protection, including their promotion on the international market.

The TISC provides the following services to the staff of the Institute (free of charge and priority), counterparties for the implementation of innovations and technologies, as well as to outside organizations, private researchers and other interested persons:

a) services for registration of application materials for obtaining a patent for the results of research, development and other innovative activities of the Institute, external organizations, private researchers and other interested persons.

b) access to technical information: patent and non-patent AIS and WIPO databases (including access to research and development (ARDI) and access to specialized patent information (ASPI);

c) training in patent search in databases, in order to improve the purity and quality of applications, and increase the number of issued patents for industrial property;

d) assistance in the search for information in conducting a patent search, using databases;

e) assistance in obtaining legal protection in the Republic of Uzbekistan with subsequent international protection of patents under the PCT procedure;

f) advisory assistance in concluding licensing agreements for industrial property objects, when they are commercialized;

g) dissemination of information materials, received from the TISC Coordinator in the field of intellectual property;

h) providing general information on intellectual property legislation.