International solar energy association

The main goal of the organization is to promote the efficient use of advanced technologies in the field of solar energy through the training and retraining of personnel in accordance with international standards and requirements, strategic analysis of large projects and project management, implemented through domestic and foreign investment, on the transfer of technology.

To achieve its goals, the organization performs the following tasks:

- conducting fundamental, applied and innovative research in the field of solar energy;

- introduction of targeted scientific programs at the level of world requirements and standards, assistance in the organization of standard research institutes;

- assistance in organization and organization of certification services for solar technologies and their components;

- assistance in the organization of design and survey work with the participation of foreign specialists;

- assistance in the development and preparation of feasibility studies and preliminary feasibility studies, along with the implementation of local and investment projects for the introduction of solar technologies;

- assistance in the development of advanced technologies and technical solutions for solar and wind energy, based on advanced materials;

- development of effective forms of cooperation, integration of science and technology.

- assistance in strengthening the potential of science and innovation through the organization of scientific conferences, seminars and workshops with local and foreign universities, educational and research institutions;

- assistance in the development of international scientific and technical cooperation through international research and educational institutions, innovation centers, foreign partners, scientific and technical and innovative projects, exchange of knowledge and specialists and implementation of joint projects;

- attraction of funds from international projects and funds for the implementation of big research projects;

- organization and holding of contests, competitions and competitions on solar energy technologies, problems and solutions.