Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Israel Aerospace Industries, IAI ("Aviation Industry of Israel"; Hebrew. התעשייה האווירית לישראל - "Ha-Taasiya ha-aviriot le-Israel") - the Israeli concern, whose main office is actually located at Ben Gurion Airport in the area "Big Tel Aviv." It is a well-known Israeli military-industrial complex. The company was founded in 1953.

Production of aircraft and avionics, production of instruments and equipment for space satellites, communications and reconnaissance. One of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of UAVs, some of them have no analogues in the world practice of aviation.

Actively engaged in the modernization of aircraft around the world - a division of the IAI "Bedek Aviation" (Hebrew. בדק מטוסים - "Bedek Matosim") successfully competes with the firm "Boeing" in the conversion of passenger aircraft into cargo. The Bedek division has a type approval certificate for Boeing 737-300 / -400, 767-200 / -300, 747-200 / -400 aircraft.

IAI is one of the leading technology-industrial companies in Israel. About 16 thousand of its employees create products with annual sales of about 3.3 billion dollars. The company has received worldwide recognition as a leader in the development of aviation and aerospace technology in the military and civilian markets.